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Career Opportunities

Landmark Financial Services is looking to partner with financial advisors who believe in taking a holistic, client centered approach to financial planning. Our team is seeking relationships with advisors in both the growth and experienced stages of their practice who are:

  • Looking for assistance with starting their own company while minimizing downtime and significant capital expenditures.
  • Seeking to offer more freedom and independence with product choices to their clients.
  • Not satisfied with their current level of training, support, practice management tools, and profitability.
  • Feeling incented to use or sell on particular company’s product to clients.
  • Not receiving much value for the amount of payout they are giving up to their current firm or broker dealer.
  • Looking to embrace enhancements in technology and maintain a competitive advantage in today's ever-changing environment.
  • Tired of doing everything on their own and looking to partner with a team who can assist with the supporting the client / planner relationship.

We embrace empowering advisors to spend more time with serving their clients, growing their business, and doing what they love. Contact Us to determine if there may be a fit to partner with Landmark Financial Services.