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Financial Planning

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Landmark Financial Services offers a holistic, life-centered approach to financial planning that is designed to simplify your financial life and help you make better choices about money.

When you engage in Financial Planning Services with our advisors, we serve as your Fiduciary. This is important because a Fiduciary has a legal obligation to place your interests first. Fiduciaries are required to disclose all conflicts of interests which would include any compensation related to products or referrals.

Some consumers are not aware that many financial advisors are held to a Suitability standard of care, which is a lower standard of care than the Fiduciary Standard. A suitability standard would apply to relationships where the advisor, agent, or broker works on a "commission" only basis with their clients. The suitability standard requires that recommendations of advisors only need to be suitable given the clients age, objectives, and known financial circumstances.

We believe you deserve the highest standard of care when it comes to your financial planning relationship.

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